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VELLINGE - Höllviken - Falsterbo - Skanör - Västra Ingelstad - Östra Grevie

Every year, this Viking village arranges a new Battle of Foteviken. The participants of the organized training camp gather on the beach where the great battle originally stood on June 4, 1134Fotevikens Viking village is the ultimate place to visit for those who are interested in the Vikings and their way of living. The published photographs shows nature, landscape and more from Vellinge municipality. The history of charming Skanör stretches as far back as the 12th century and was during the medieval, together with Falsterbo, one of the largest cities in the Nordics.Since 2010 the Falsterbo Bird Show is arranged annually.One of Sweden´s largets international sport events where Swedish and international rider elite compete in jumping and dressage.The oldest settlement in Skanör dates back to the 11th century.

Moped Run - Invasion in East Grevie (Mopperun)

The race for all fans of mopeds

The annual "Mopperun" in East Grevie was a great success every year for the organizer East Grevie Supers up until their last run in 2019. (SEE OUR FILM - in Swedish)

The race that started in 1999 has become something of a folk festival where winning is not the most important but instead having a lot of fun with like-minded people. From 2010 Mopperun are also titled "International Competition" since four moped drivers from Germany participated.

Mopeds with the brand Monark, Mustang, Puch, Crecent, Zündapp, Eagle, Rex and many more are to be found in the Mopperun.

Full speed towards the goal after two miles at the beautiful Söderslätt

 Johan Palmfält brought along a "dame" weighing merely 10 kilos in his home-built sidecar. "....because otherwise the moped wouldn't have been able to drive the whole race..."”

...more and more women are participating in the Moped Run each year .

In Mopperun you will find all varieties of mopeds, from home constructions to old treasures..

After finished race it's time to get the "horse" back on the trailer again.

In order to be able to stand on top of the stylish podium it is not only necessary to get to the finishline but also to handle the tricky questions along the race..

…and after a tough race must also have a grilled hot dog, that also belongs to the moped culture. Therefore, the queues wound long when the race ended

Photo: Leif Almö